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Edward Chan from LumahGo

Modern design, with its clean lines, warm woods, and bold upholstery hues (often in woolly, menswear-inspired textures), changed the way homes looked. Suddenly, less was more, and decorating a home was about finding a design where form served function—a philosophy that continues to inspire designers to this day.

One Space Wonder

Information pending


I loved the art work and interior design done to my studio property, reflecting my love for cats. The best part is that an old lady like me doesn’t have to go all the way to the otherside of town to do maintenance and collect rent! It has been a great experience!

-Khairina Khatib

I travel in and out of the country frequently for work and I feel good knowing that my investment properties are in right hands, well designed and managed without me having to overthink about certain things which seem trivial to me. Most of all I could be anywhere in the world and my ROIs will make their way to my accounts without me having to be present. Pinstay is the way for me !

-Owen Choo

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