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We literally take care of all your property investing needs from property management to interior design in KK (Kota Kinabalu), Sabah. As a Management Company for Short and Long-term Vacation Rentals. We offer a suite of services designed to provide you the best experience in Property Investing.

What We Do


We repackage your investment to make it attractive for more guests to stay. Making sure your guests have the best experience in the place you offer.


We help you communicate the best part of your investment to the right people, with the right platform, at the right time.


We help you manage your investment so that it stays in tip top shape and continues
to make a profit for you.

How we work together with our investors

Our process and methods in working with our property investors.

Reimagine what a property can look like. 

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We aim to provide the most convenient property management experience to all of our investors.



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Pinstay Sdn Bhd

Pinstay actually started when our Founder found issues while he wanted to rent out his apartment to make passive income. He found out that managing properties is actually a full time job so its hard for him and some of his colleague to manage it properly. This inspired the birth of Pinstay, to serve investors. Helping investors manage the property and the customers, while also making sure that the property is getting the return on investment (ROI) for the investors.

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Upcoming Projects

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Sutera Avenue

Upcoming projects

Jesselton Quay

Jesselton Quay

Upcoming projects

Room Bulk Bookings

We also provide bulk bookings of our rooms here in Sabah at ITCC Manhattan Suites. To learn more about this, please click on the link below to learn more.

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Our Partners

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