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ITCC Facilities


 ITCC manhattan suites has its very own ballroom where guests can reserve it for any functions or events. Please do let the management know prior to using the space. 


Keeping a healthy lifestyle while on a vacation is still available when there’s a gym at the place you’re staying. The gym is well-equipped with the state of the art equipment you can find. 

Massage Parlor 

Guests can indulge and relax with the massage parlor that is available in ITCC as well. After a long day of sightseeing and vacation you’ll be glad that there is a massage parlor ready to serve you just right at the place you are staying. 


ITCC has a wide selection of night time entertainments for you to hangout with your friends. Bars, KTVs, and many more are available in the building so you can have fun with your friends at just a stone’s throw away from the place you’re staying. 


All Rooms Include…

Free WiFi
WiFi is provided during your stay in our apartments.
Free Private Parking
Secure and private parking spaces will be provided to all guests.
Flatscreen TV
A Flatscreen TV will also be provided for guests to enjoy.
Toiletries like toilet paper, towels, shampoo and bath gel will be provided.
A kitchenette and a fridge will be provided for guests as well.
Essentials like iron, hair dryers and hangers will be provided for guests.