What Is Revenge Travel?

Have you been bored of being stuck at home and starting to crave for the travel that you used to have? Have you been searching online for all the possible places where you could reach without the need of being on the plane? Well, if you’re doing so then you’re said to revenge travelling

Well in simple terms, revenge travel is a mindset where people are more eager to travel and less willing to cancel their holiday plans after the coronavirus shutdowns. They crave outdoor experiences and outdoor times. Vaccinations have also boosted travel confidence, especially for those who have finished both doses of vaccines. Besides,travellers who are categorised in the revenge travel section would most likely be willing to explore exoctic locations and spend more money than usuals. 


What To Expect From Revenge Travellers?

First of all, do keep in mind that revenge travellers are not the same as backpackers even though they highly prioritise flexibility. They might want to be able to change their destination or cancel their booking last minute, especially without the need of losing money on their booking. 

The very evident difference between a backpacker and a revenge traveler is that revenge travelers prefer domestic travel more than international travel. Whilst they’re willing to throw caution to the wind as they book their next travel, they’re most probably going to explore a new location in the city or country as they are all about gaining exotic experiences and happy to spend more.

Safe destinations with lower incidence of Covid-19 such as Langkawi Island, Malacca and Sabah naturally attract more revenge travellers. Smaller towns have started to rise in popularity for these segments. Additionally, small towns are often rich in its history and culture which are often the most attractive part which catches the travellers’ attention. However, they will also double check on the medical facilities of the place as a result of Covid-19 effects.

As revenge travellers take it very seriously with their travelling experience, hygiene will most likely be their top priority. They will most likely look for an accommodation that takes high precaution and safety measures against Covid-19. These include improved cleanliness routines, highly adhere to local government’s health guidelines, provide contactless hospitality, provide care packages upon check-in and more.

Hence, Pinstay as an experienced Airbnb investment company in Sabah will share some ways and thoughts on how Airbnb investment industry to cater to revenge travelers in Sabah.

How Can Airbnb Investment Industry In Sabah Attract And Cater To Revenge Travelers In Sabah?

Understand This New Market

A good marketing strategy always begins with analysing and understanding the people you’re trying to get through the doors. The marketing team off Airbnb investment company should do an in-depth analysis of what are the qualities which impact travel and how the target audiences are being influenced by these travel trends in Sabah. Hence, the Airbnb investment company will need to be authentic and have own personalised marketing messages and have the ability to trigger the target audience to book the Airbnb. 


Train Staff To Manage The New Normal

Front desk staff will be the first-liner who will meet face to face with tcustomers. Hence, Airbnb investment company should take extra precautions and effort in preparing them so that they could manage the rush of guests through the door especially after they can travel internationally with ease due to direct international flights to Sabah. Besides, take in consideration that customers would also prefer front desk staff to be fully vaccinated as to ensure that the Airbnb or service is relatively safer from covid-19 transmission. Empowering front liner staff with the latest technology is a great way to facilitate a contactless service during this crucial period.


Market Beyond The Four Walls

Always keep in mind that revenge travelers are a group of enthusiasts adventurers who are looking to embrace the outdoors again and gain new experiences. So, the best thing an Airbnb investment company can do is to go out and have a talk with the locals or look for all the hotspots, hidden gems and even curate more new unique in-house experiences around Sabah such as spas or more in your marketing strategy. Always go extra miles in actively seeking out for partners in the tourism and hospitality industry to sell guests the most “complete travel package” than just stopping at the local popular sites.


Be Safe Yet Flexible.

One of the most important factors which every traveler is putting extra consideration into is the health and hygiene standards of a homestay or hospitality provider. The marketing strategy should also amplify this approach. Masks,sanitisers, limiting the number of people in one area of Airbnb, having contactless check-in etc are all the most basic standards. In regards to the current pandemic, it is also an additional competitive advantage if the Airbnb investment company is able to keep the Airbnb cancellation policy flexible.


Be Guided By Insights

Continuous effort in monitoring insights from channel manager, booking engine and more analytics to understand trends of how the guests find and book in Airbnb. This would be quite diffficult for home owners to do the marketing analysis. Hence, collaborate with Airbnb investment company in Sabah can help in pricing strategy and fully utilize the strategy tactics to  maximise every opportunity to increase the revenue. 


So to conclude, the confidence to travel is slowly but returning slowly for sure. This trend is for sure to be more likely driven by revenge travelers. Hospitality providers need to be aware of this and make an effort to keep ahead of emerging trends, follow an agile marketing and pricing approach to win bookings. Provide a unique delivery experience to attract some post-pandemic travelers, but also at the same time, keeping the highest safety standards.