If you are a traveller, your goal is to get a perfect resting place for your vacation. But, how are you gonna achieve this goal? You can achieve this by clicking through multiple pages of Airbnb search results. However, do you really have the patience to go through all the Airbnb search lists? 

The truth is – most of the people will settle with the search result on the Airbnb search lists, which means an Airbnb has to be ranked as high as possible to get more bookings.

As a result, optimizing Airbnb listings using Airbnb Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a key step to get more bookings for an Airbnb host. 

Before I share some secret tips for you to boost your Airbnb ranking to top, here are three major categories of Airbnb ranking factors that you need to know.


Airbnb Ranking Factors Top 3 Categories: 

#1 Guest Needs

Airbnb looks into guests’ needs, including their wishlist places, previous trips, listing search history and more.

#2 Listing Details

Listing details including price, property location, property’s reviews, hosts’ response time, Instant book and so on.

#3 Trip Details

Trip details such as trip length, number of guests, advance booking and more are taken into account for Airbnb SEO.


After knowing Airbnb’s top 3 ranking factors, how can you improve these?


5 Secrets to Boost Your Airbnb Ranking to Top


Maintain high Response Rate

Response rate is the percentage of inquiries you responded to within 24 hours. Response time is the time taken for you to respond to new messages. Always remember that failure to reply messages within 24 hours will affect your response rate and subsequently affect your property ranking. You can save some answers into your mobile phone or computer since most of the guests are asking similar questions such as parking details, check in, check out, and door lock pin number. Hence, by maintaining a high response rate and short response time, Airbnb will reward your listing to higher ranking. This is due to Airbnb and potential guests will regard you as a responsive host.


Daily Update of Calendar 

By daily update of your calendar, Airbnb will regard you as an active host which can improve your property Airbnb ranking. Besides, potential guests can always know your property availability date if you have blocked it from reservation due to renovation or monthly maintenance. By doing so, you will not miss out any potential bookings. 


Build More Quality Reviews

Getting more 5 stars reviews are one of the significant factors in Airbnb SEO. To get more reviews, always email your guests and ask for any feedback after their stay. Let them know that you are ready to improve future guests’ experiences and their feedback is very valuable.  If the guests give some good response, encourage them to leave reviews in Airbnb. If the responses are bad, avoid them to leave reviews in Airbnb.


Get Added Into More Wish Lists

In Airbnb, guests can like and add your listing into their wish list. By getting added into more wish lists, Airbnb will rank your listing to a higher position as your listing has higher and more booking potential. To get more likes and added into wish lists, use professional photos. Make sure that the features of your listings are highlighted in photos and potential guests have a clear picture of what to expect from your listing.


Price competitively

Pricing is an essential factor for guests to make decisions when comparing listings. Make sure that you price your listings accordingly and compare with your competitors. When you just get started with Airbnb, it’s kinda difficult to get bookings without any good reviews. Hence, competitive pricing can win some travellers who are willing to explore a new property.


On a final note, the more you learn about Airbnb, the more you can implement this knowledge on boosting your listing to a higher rank in Airbnb SEO. This list is not 100% conclusive, but it is a good guide for you to start. Spend your time learning about Airbnb if you wish to get more bookings and earn billions of dollars!