So, what do you understand about Airbnb management company? A company that manages property by communicating with guests, greeting, check in, check out and cleaning on behalf of the owner?

In fact, a best Airbnb management company will turn your Airbnb that meets the guests’ expectations or even over the guests’ expectations by putting efforts into different aspects, including interior designing, Airbnb advertising, professional photography, listing creation, regular maintenance of properties. And, of course, communications with guests, check in, check out and cleaning.

However, how are you going to choose the best Airbnb management company that can earn billions for you instead of costing you time and money? Well, here are some questions that you can ask to screen for a best Airbnb management company.

How long has the Airbnb management company been?

The answer of this question is for you to understand a bit more on the company background and history as you will let the company manages your properties afterall. Other than that, it is best recommended to do more research (websites, listing, reviews and etc) on the Airbnb management company to ensure what the company told you is the same as what is on the internet.

How much is the Airbnb management company’s service cost?

You need to be aware of what the management company can offer you, and how much you have to pay for the service. Most of the companies will charge you for extra fees for professional photography, interior designing and advertising. So it is important for you to have a clear understanding of their service to avoid financial issues with them.


How does the Airbnb management company respond to guests’ reviews?

A responsible Airbnb management company should always monitor guests’ reviews and subsequently provide a professional response to their reviews. This action is significant for an Airbnb management company to improve or do some maintenance on the properties  when they receive bad reviews.


How frequently does the Airbnb management company update and report on your properties?

Apart from taking care of your guests and properties, you as an owner need to know the conditions of your properties. Is it occupied or vacant? How long is the stay of the current tenant? Do your properties receive good or bad reviews? How much is your earning? How the company is going to improve your properties for more occupancy? A regular biweekly or monthly report on your properties shows that the Airbnb management company is really responsible in taking care of your properties and they are always put in effort to improve your earnings.


What is the biggest challenge for the Airbnb management company to manage all the properties?

The more guests and properties to handle, the more issues an Airbnb management company will face. If their answer is none, you can assume that the management company is not honest enough and they are trying to hide some information from you. Always remember that a best Airbnb management company is not achieved in one day, but work that out with continuous improvements.


As a conclusion, you don’t have to stress out yourself in choosing a best Airbnb management company. Take you time and do more research before making a decision. The most important thing is to find a Airbnb management company that can work well with you and fit with their offered services.